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Located in the heart of the South Sound, Pristine Mental Health was founded upon the vision of providing high-quality and holistic mental health care tailored to each patient. Dr. David Penner, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, has curated a team of highly trained clinicians providing a broad spectrum of services, including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy and medication management for adults.

Conditions We Treat

We offer various treatment modalities based on your needs. We’ll customize a specific mental health plan just for you!


Intense sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness are representative of depressive disorder.


Intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations are indicative of anxiety disorder.

Post-Traumatic Stress

Experiencing or witnessing a terrifying or traumatic event can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.

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“I had a great experience and comfortable treatment. Christina was amazing and I want to thank her! I have less anxiety and depression for sure. Don’t hesitate to try this therapy. It’s easy, non-invasive, and it really helped me feel more like myself.”

— Miriam (completed treatment in 2020)


It has changed my life as my anxiety and depression have decreased dramatically. My anxiety and depression are more manageable and I am interested in doing things again.”

— Completed Treatment in 2020


“I got treatment here for depression earlier this year. The staff was very helpful and kind. And while I don’t think it was the only factor, I was able to reduce my prescription dosage from 35 mg to 10 mg after treatment. Definitely worth a try if your insurance will help pay or you can afford the full cost.”

— Completed treatment in 2020


TMS was great! Everyone was so nice and lovely. They make such a sucky situation okay. The TMS itself helped my depression a lot. I am glad I was able to do this. I am happier and had only positives at Olympia TMS. It doesn’t hurt. Everyone listens and adjusts things to make it more comfortable. It’s worth it.”

— Aliyah (completed treatment 2020)


“The first week the session was physically uncomfortable, but after that I started to notice a difference with my depression and anxiety. I feel that TMS has done more for me than my medication ever has. I am weaning off of my antidepressants and my anxiety goes away much quicker after a trigger. I feel the most normal I’ve ever felt since I was a child. It worked for me when nothing else did. It’s definitely worth trying.”

— Ryn (completed treatment 2020)


My experience with TMS Therapy was very good! All the technicians did a great job. My depression and anxiety decreased by 60%. It was well worth it! Definitely try it!”

— Crystal (completed treatment 2020)


“I gradually started to feel fewer symptoms of my major depression. My anxiety wasn’t as big of a problem, but I noticed an improvement with general anxiety as well. I still am tired and sleep more than usual, but am functioning and interacting more with others. I have no more suicidal thoughts. It worked for me. Great staff.”

— Challys (completed treatment 2020)


Super polite and professional, a true sense of caring about your needs. Knowledgeable and well-trained staff. Great results. Can’t recommend enough. If TMS is something you’re considering, this is (in my opinion) the only place to go.

— completed treatment 2020


Dr. Penner did an excellent and amazing job of determining the best course of action for my treatment and was available when a course addition to my treatment was required. I am so grateful for his vision and expertise leaving me with great hope for my future life without depression or at the very least minimal depression symptoms! The technicians were professional and worked diligently to implement my treatments with precision.  They were also helpful in meeting my personal needs, allowing the treatments to be palatable. The front desk support was warm and welcoming and was helpful to assure that I had the essential information to be successful.

— completed treatment 2020


TMS has resulted in the only permanent improvements in my decades-long battle with [debilitating and suicidal] severe depression. I used FMLA and drove 4 hours 5 days a week for the 15-minute appointments. It was worth the time, fuel, and miles on my car. It changed my life.

— completed treatment 2020

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