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Happy President’s Day

With the presidential campaign in full swing, chronic pain patients are wondering if any of the candidates will pick up their cause.

President Trump has done not much in his three years and most of the Democrat candidates are mum on the issue as well with the exception of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who made news last month when she proclaimed pain patients should not lose their access to pain medication.

While that comment buoyed many chronic pain patients, the reality is that her disappointing showings in the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary have severely hurt her chances of gaining the Democratic nomination.

John Kennedy Suffered from Pain

Speaking of presidents, it is important to remember that John F. Kennedy most likely would have been labeled a chronic pain sufferer today.

He had four back surgeries in the 1950s, and despite the vibrant image he displayed, he wore back braces, occasionally used crutches and was very limited in what he could do physically.

(More on Kennedy’s back issues)

He also suffered from Addison’s Disease, which can also be very painful. Notably, not many people knew about it until after the 1960 election.

(More on Kennedy’s Addison Disease)

Kennedy hid the effects of his medical issues (and other activities as we’ve learned) from the public, which would be much harder to do today.

Stanford University Starts a Pain News Site

Our friends at Stanford University have started a pain news site which it says aims to reach a person living with pain, a family member of someone who has pain, a clinician caring for people with pain, or a researcher working to better understand pain and develop new therapies.

Some interesting things are going on at Stanford—might be worth checking in occasionally. The first story is on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which is being studied at Stanford.